President Obama Broke Down In Tears While Revealing His New Gun Control Measures

On Tuesday morning, President Obama held a press conference to discuss his gun-control plan, which was stunning for its apparent intent to bypass Congress. Much of this plan’s focus sits with improved background checks (through an increased FBI staff conducting them) and an eye towards mental health treatment. After an endless stream of mass shootings where he has addressed the nation, Obama says we have become “numb to it,” and he’s weary of “the constant excuses for inaction.” Obama stood flanked by gun violence victims (and their families), and he says a solution is possible:

“I believe that we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the Second Amendment … this is not a plot to take away everybody’s guns … We do have to feel a sense of urgency about it. In Dr. King’s words, we need to feel the fierce urgency of now.”

Obama hopes his plan can prevent at least “one act of evil, one act of violence,” and possibly, the nation can avoid the next mass shooting instead of falling back into partisan rhetoric. Obama listed each mass shooting he’s addressed, and while discussing the Sandy Hook massacre, he openly wept. Three years ago, we nearly saw Obama cry while speaking about this same tragedy, but with his unveiling of increased gun-control measures, he let the tears flow.