Crack Up At A ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Version Of The First Presidential Debate

Anybody who sat through the first presidential debate on Monday probably didn’t laugh all that much. Unless it was nervous laughter about the current political system. While there were tons of points that are important for the electorate to know, the actual experience of watching the debate was a little like constantly switching between walking on a road of crushed glass and a path of feathers and glitter. Heck, it was even tough for some of the political commentariat to get through those 90 minutes unscarred.

Just in time, a Bad Lip Reading version of the event is here to save the day. By subbing out Trump’s insults and Clinton’s canned lines for some hilarious sound effects and silly voices, it makes it seem as if everything is happy and fine. Not like Donald Trump has even the slightest of chances of being the next President of the United States.

The video is laugh out loud funny, and a salve on a shaky electorate that has been fighting through this horror show of an election cycle. Now people can just watch this and erase the horror that was Donald Trump sniffling through the entire debate.

Plus, Trump’s policy ideas might actually sound more realistic this way.