Prince George Reminds The Canadian Prime Minister That He’s Just A Commoner By Ignoring His High Five

Perpetually shirtless Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is certainly a far more charming PM than his predecessor, but does that impress visiting royalty? No dice, bub. Well, at least when it comes to winning over toddler princes.

Regal tots Prince George and Princess Charlotte made their first trip to Canada and that’s the sort of thing where photo-ops abound. One potentially perfect moment to capture was Trudeau attempting to score a high five from three-year-old George. Unfortunately for Trudeau, Prince George was having none of it and left Trudeau hanging like the commoner he is.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have embarked on an eight-day tour of British Columbia and the Yukon (along with their mom and dad because it’s not safe for infant royals to travel alone) that will see new and exciting ways for Kate Middleton to avoid getting back bacon grease on an Alexander McQueen dress. Trudeau wasn’t crestfallen over the lack of high five. He can relate.

“I want to commend you and thank you for introducing our part of the world to Prince George and Princess Charlotte,” said Trudeau to William and Kate. “Although let me caution you from my own experience, if they are anything like our kids, getting them back on the plane after a visit to our beautiful west coast will really be a challenge.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Canada’s west coast is pretty and all that. You didn’t come here for a tourism pitch, you came here to see Trudeau got snubbed by toddler. We’ve got it for you at the top of the page.

(Via Time)

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