San Juan’s Mayor Wore A ‘Nasty’ T-Shirt During An Interview In Response To Donald Trump

Much like how supporters of Donald Trump embraced the moniker of “deplorables” after Hillary Clinton called half of them a “basket of deplorables” during the election, women, and opponents of Trump, are digging in and proudly calling themselves “nasty” after Trump railed against the frustrated mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. In an interview with Univision, Yulín Cruz wore a shirt with the word “nasty” boldly written on the front. It harkens back to when Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman” during the debates last year (when times were simple).

“What is truly nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people,” Cruz said in the interview conducted in Spanish.

Last week, to stress the fact that the news surrounding Puerto Rico’s desperate need for help was not fake, she wore a tee saying “help us we are dying” as she did interviews with the media. Cruz has also stressed that her criticism of the initial disaster response has led to tweets stating that recent meetings with White House staff were productive, with the initial bottlenecks and frustrations hopefully clear for now. That doesn’t mean she won’t deliver some obvious digs to Trump.

(Via The Hill)