The Company Tasked With Restoring Puerto Rico’s Power Threatens To Walk After A Twitter Spat With The Mayor Of San Juan

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UPDATE: Whitefish Energy released an apology to San Juan Mayor Cermen Yulin Cruz on Twitter, saying the comments posted earlier in the day “did not represent who we are and how important this work is to help Puerto Rico’s recovery.”

The $300 million contract has raised many questions about Whitefish Energy and its connection to members of the Trump administration, including President Trump himself. The hasty deal raised eyebrows and left the Governor of Puerto Rico and Mayor Cruz to ask for it to be evaluated and possibly rescinded.


After a collection of outspoken interviews and pleas for help on social media that were met with hostility from Donald Trump, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is dealing with her home and people being utterly devastated by last month’s hurricane. Even though Trump has reassured the American people that the cleanup and rebuilding of devastated Puerto Rico is going tremendously, 75 percent of the island is still without power.

In swoops Whitefish Energy, a small, two-year-old Montana company with only two full-time employees has won the $300 million contract to get Puerto Rico’s infrastructure back online. The young company winning the contract was enough to raise eyebrows, but their ties to Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke are leading to bi-partisan calls for Congressional review.

Meanwhile, Cruz has publicly asked for transparency from the company, telling Yahoo News that the deal “should be voided right away, and a proper process which is clear, transparent, legal, moral and ethical should take place.” In response to her questions, Whitefish Energy has seemingly taken a page right out of Trump’s playbook and decided to hit back, before threatening to take their life-saving ball (electrical infrastructure restoration) and go home.