Queen Cersei Just Shut Down Donald Trump With Some Savage Tweets About His Presidential Campaign

Cersei may be one of the most cruel and conniving characters on Game of Thrones, but even she can’t handle the idea of Donald Trump becoming America’s next president (and that’s saying something). In fact, Lena Headey, who seems like a delightful and incredibly level-headed person in real life, was so upset that Trump may soon become the presumptive GOP nominee that she, like many others, has taken to Twitter to let the world know just how devastating it would be if the former host of The Apprentice got the GOP’s approval and became the official Republican nominee (a fate that was once more well-suited to the realm of fiction).

In her tweets, Headey took the presidential hopeful to task, reminding everyone that a Trump presidency would be all about fear and paranoia. And the actress knows that in order to “Make America Great Again” what we really deserve is a leader who’s strong and, most importantly, informed about the issues and what’s going on in the country. Trump, even Cersei concedes, would be the exact opposite of all that.

Check it out:

Those tweets were Headey’s most cutting, but the actress had a lot to say about what the world should look like after spending some time with the president of The International Rescue Committee:


You know what? It may just be time to launch a campaign for Cersei for president. Let’s just have Headey do it in character. She’d still make a better leader and there are probably way more people who’d vote for an actual fictional character before voting for the man known for once talking about his baby daughter’s breasts. Who’s with us?

(h/t: Mashable)