Here Are The Most Skeptical Celebrity Reactions To The Fox Business GOP Debate

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee
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Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate on Fox Business was a long haul for viewers. Yet as with the last GOP debate, ratings will reflect an audience who couldn’t help but watch grown men (and one woman) in suits interrupt the bejesus out of each other. Indeed, the interrupting got out of hand and, at one point, chronic interrupter Donald Trump called out Carly Fiorina by asking, “Why does she keep interrupting everybody? Boy, it’s terrible.” The record for the most insertions, however, went to John Kasich.

One hilarious development involved the attending reporters’ WiFi password, which may have been “StopHillary.” Otherwise, this debate wasn’t nearly as scandalous as the Fox News debate in August. Yet again, Bernie Sanders held his own offstage with the most retweeted tweet of the debate audience.

During the debate itself, the moderators hung back and did not court attention. The live studio audience was unusually loud and frequently unleashed choruses of boos. Outside the venue, Trump was both welcomed and rejected by way of respective signage:

Latino Organizations Demonstrate Against Donald Trump Hosting SNL
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Latino Organizations Demonstrate Against Donald Trump Hosting SNL
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The topics covered during the debate included economics, immigration, health care, and the military. All candidates wished to cut taxes. Trump yammered more about his wall. Carly Fiorina reminded everyone of her desired three-page tax code. Jeb Bush wants to repeal most existing regulations in favor of… who knows what alternative. At one point, Jeb turned into a smarty pants and sarcastically said, “Thank you for allowing me to speak at the debate.” This was largely directed towards Trump, but also a way for Jeb to put on his big boy pants because of this forever association.

Poor Rand Paul failed to make a splash, and Twitter busily paid attention to the well-hydrated Marco Rubio.

Rubio’s standout debate line — “We need more welders and less philosophers” — prompted a sizable reaction.

Rubio’s Candy Crush impressed many tweeters who called him gangsta.

Naturally, celebrities were quick to weigh in, especially when there was opportunity for Ben Carson hammer jokes.

Bill Maher kept on talking, but here are few of his Twitter highlights.

The always critical Patton Oswalt rooted for Carson’s black Jesus portrait, but took shots at most candidates.

Ann Coulter surfaced to say inappropriate things for attention.

Here are a few more reactions, including a very unimpressed Hillary Clinton.