Kim Davis’ Magnificent Poncho Caused Quite A Stir At The State Of The Union

Getty Image

Aside from Paul Ryan’s impressive poker face at President Obama’s final State of the Union address, Kim Davis’ big moment was on tap for the television viewing audience. Davis managed to wrangle an invitation despite the so-called invitee having no idea he was the cause of Davis presence. She wore a sweater with a poncho-like effect, so poncho it is.

Davis stood against a wall for the entirety of Obama’s speech, and her stony face wasn’t nearly as revealing as Ryan’s attempts to not chuckle. Davis was not impressed, nor was the internet thrilled with her poncho. Actually, Twitter loved the garment on Davis, since it stood as evidence of her lack of LGBT friends. If anyone with a love of fashion represented in Davis’ posse, they would’ve never let her walk out of the house like this (let alone appear on national television). Oh, and that hair? Oh, girl.

Twitter turned Davis into a mighty meme, so the poncho of doom shall be immortalized forever. From Beavis and Butthead to Cameron Frye from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, the Internet couldn’t stop. Who needs the E! Fashion Police when you’ve got reactions like these?