Trevor Noah Gleefully Illustrates How Republican Congressmen Bungled Their Attempt To Gut The Ethics Committee

Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives made the first day of the new Congress a memorable one by attempting to gut the independent ethics committee via a surprise Monday night vote. The reaction was swift, with constituents calling to voice their displeasure and riling up the president-elect, forcing him to unleash his Kraken on Twitter. At least that’s what they would have you believe in most media reports, giving Donald Trump most of the credit for the most recent retreat over the ethics committee.

The reversal sparked a bevy of responses and excuses by lawmakers, with some like Rep. Steve King evoking Jesus with his comments about why the vote was attempted in the first place. It really is just a mess and a misstep by a Congress on the first day it was in session.

All of it is a joy for Trevor Noah to dig through, using the Republican excuse parade to put together a new segment and point out how mistaken the congressmen were about Trump’s claims to “drain the swamp.” His tweet likely came as a bit of a surprise for many and as Noah points out, shows that Trump is more worried about privatizing the swamp. It’s his swamp now and they’re just floating around in it.

Noah makes it clear that Trump’s tenure as president is still a mystery. He’s calling out his fellow Republicans publicly and raising a few eyebrows before he even takes office later in January. The retreat by the House GOP shows that things might not be so rosy for all of those on Capitol Hill.

(Via The Daily Show)