Reclusive Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Rushed To Hospital Following ‘Bizarre’ Behavior


Growing up as a child of the ’80s meant that whenever it would rain out during a gym day during grade school there was always a fear of what draconian torture the gym teacher would concoct. For me, that fear involved line dancing or the inevitable Sweatin’ to the Oldies tapes. I can’t quite explain it, but my gym teacher loved to put on Richard Simmons tapes for us. Maybe it was how inviting and kind he was, how quirky he was, or how there was always a diverse group of people accompanying him in his videos. I’m not the only one who has memories like this, which is why the reports of him possibly being held against his will that surfaced earlier this year were so troubling. Even if he refuted it, something felt off.

This has already been a strange year for celebrities, and Richard Simmons has compounded it, although the story had mostly disappeared from the headlines. But according to Us Magazine things with Simmons aren’t through yet. The report claims that Simmons was hospitalized on Friday, June 3rd after what was considered “bizarre” behavior by someone within his home. Simmons was taken to Cedars-Sinai medical center where he currently is, without there being much else about the story out in the public.

This, coming just months after his good friends expressed concerns over the fitness guru cutting off all of his ties to the outside world and spending all of his time in his home with what have been described as “troubling” members of his staff. Granted, this was also presumably the staff that called 911 and had an ambulance dispatched to the home on Friday to transport him to the hospital. Simmons’ story is an inspirational one of an awkward, depressed boy who grew up to do great things, to inspire millions and to fully embrace who he was without shame or concern for harassment.

Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery for Simmons and a happy ending to this truly bizarre story that has unfolded over the past few months.

(via Us Magazine)