The IRS Strips Richard Spencer’s White Supremacist/Nazi Non-Profit Of Its Tax-Exempt Status

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White Supremacist/Nazi Richard Spencer has only just recovered from the humiliation of being ejected from CPAC after getting punched in the face during an Inauguration Day interview, especially since both events were documented for all the world to see. Now, Spencer is having another bad day, courtesy of the IRS, which has stripped the tax-exempt status of his National Policy Institute (NPI) “think tank.”

The NPI bills itself as “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.” Beyond their blatant Nazi beliefs, they’re known for raucous, pro-Trump conferences where followers like Tila Tequila engage in “Heil Trump!” salutes. However, the group neglected to file federal tax returns, and Uncle Sam subsequently decided that Spencer’s non-profit no longer needed to benefit from a cushy tax-exempt status. Spencer seems utterly confused about this development. He blamed the IRS (while claiming that an “error” informed him that he didn’t need to file returns) during a chat with the LA Times:

“I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to make a comment because I don’t understand this stuff. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s not good. We’ll figure it out.”

Spencer claims to have had no earthly idea that his group needed to file tax returns, but the NPI previously did so and, for whatever reason, neglected to file returns beginning in 2012. After three consecutive years of no filings, the IRS hand came down, and bye-bye, tax exemption. In addition, CBS News reports that Spencer may face more trouble for advocating for Trump on behalf of his nonprofit. This could present more difficulities for Spencer and his Nazis, but hey, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy?

(Via Los Angeles Times & CBS News)