Rick Perry Doesn’t Understand The Simple Law Of Supply And Demand, And He’s Getting Roasted For It

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry is in West Virginia today, getting a hands-on look at the state’s energy industry. Part of that involves a visit to a coal manufacturing plant where reporters caught Perry mistaking the most basic of economic principles. What a time to be alive.

Speaking at a coal plant, Perry said, “Here’s a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there and the demand will follow.”

This is incorrect. On an unrelated (?) note, while an undergrad at Texas A&M University, Perry received a D in a class called “principles of economics.” While technically a passing grade, and it’s entirely possible that the most basic principle of economics didn’t come up during the class, Perry doesn’t look very good in this instance. Thankfully, people on Twitter are having some fun with it while ignoring the fact that these types of people run our country now.

As one user pointed out, Perry should have learned this during his failed presidential runs and appearances on Dancing With The Stars.


One user compared the comments to fictional auditory hallucinations.

Perry’s comment was reminiscent of another economic philosophy though: the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin!


Another compared coal to a different type of noxious material found underground.

Others just said, “what’s the point?”


The coal industry will be saved in no time with people like Rick Perry steering the ship.