Florida Governor Rick Scott Released An Attack Ad About The Woman Who Cussed Him Out In Starbucks

Not every day does a politician release an attack ad on someone who isn’t even one of his opponents, but Florida Governor Rick Scott is different. The elected official released an attack ad on the customer who gave him a piece of her mind during a recent trip to Starbucks.

Cara Jennings called Scott an “as*hole” who “doesn’t care about working people” in the 50-second clip, which has now garnered over two million views on YouTube in less than three days.

Instead of handling the issues Jennings was concerned about, like Medicaid and women’s access to public healthcare, the attack ad that Scott released entitled “Latte Liberal Gets an Earful,” attacks Jennings’ character by calling her a “terribly rude woman” and then goes on to give details of her former career as a government official who refused to recite the pledge of allegiance, and then mentions that she calls herself an anarchist.

The end of the video pretty much implies that Jennings is lazy and “demanding public assistance,” which is a far cry from the truth. Jennings is a mom, a contract worker in Lake Worth, and as far as the whole anarchist thing goes, she was the first anarchist to be elected to public office in Florida in 2006, according to an interview with The Daily Dot.

Scott’s name really might not make Donald Trump’s potential VP list for sure now, but time will tell.

(Via Death and Taxes)