Bernie Sanders Rained Down A Fiery Twitter Rant During Trump’s RNC Speech

Getty Image

Although this may seem hard to believe, it’s been close to a year since Bernie Sanders scored the most retweeted tweet during the first Republican primary debate. At the time, the Bern was sorely displeased about how everyone (except Marco Rubio) completely ignored the issue of crippling student debt. Now Sanders is out of the primary running, of course. He’ll speak at next week’s Democratic convention in Philadelphia, but he stayed at home to watch the Republican convention. Here’s some visual evidence.

To no one’s surprise, Sanders did not (at all) enjoy Trump’s dark, frightening speech that seemed fit for apocalyptic times. The Bern was not frightened, but he sure was furious. What follows was a massive tweetstorm — almost brutal in nature — that tore apart everything from Trump’s foreign policy claims to the real estate mogul’s planned tax cuts for billionaires.

Sanders tore into “hypocrite” Trump for over trade stances, Citizens United, and the lack of health insurance for millions of citizens. He’s distressed over Trump’s refusal to accept climate change and raise the minimum wage.

Sanders even agreed with Ted Cruz about something — both men believe Trump doesn’t understand the U.S. Constitution.

Ultimately, the Bern wanted to know whether Trump was running for president or dictator. This is a fair question for these times.

And he promised that those who were ever inclined to #FeelTheBern would never support Trump’s divisiveness and grim portrayal of the future.