Rob Lowe Sparked A Backlash After He Mocked The Paris Terrorist Attacks On Twitter

Rob Lowe Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"
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Rob Lowe has come under fire for his questionable tweets following the Paris terrorist attacks. We’ve seen measured and thoughtful reactions from our world leaders. Bill Maher handled the tragedy with grace and held a rousing and productive discussion on the subject.

Lowe handled the matter differently. The DIRECTV spokesperson and current star of The Grinder decided to take the Donald Trump route on Twitter. Things started out in a harmless manner with a “Vive La France! #Paris.”

Then the situation quickly devolved as Lowe criticized the quality of French President Francois Hollande’s speech as “one of the worst ever given” (and a poorly translated one at that). Lowe also called out Hollande’s decision to close borders “NOW.”

Lowe’s comment on the timing of the border closing carries not-so-nice implications. It sure sounds like he’s criticizing how France has welcomed a rush of refugees seeking asylum from the Middle East.

Many saw Lowe’s tweets as an ill-timed application of his sarcastic ways. After the initial rush of appalled reactions from Lowe followers, he attempted to attribute his words to the “devastatingly sad” feelings he felt. Lowe also urged, “Don’t misinterpret my words.”

Here’s a small sampling of the ire direct at Lowe, who (after his initial “apology” tweets) has not responded to the deluge. Perhaps he realized he had already said too much.