Robert De Niro Tells Brown University Students They’re Graduating Into A ‘Tragic Dumbass Comedy’

Robert De Niro has been very vocal about his disapproval of President Trump, lashing out at him for his anti-immigrant stance and expressing a desire to punch him, too. De Niro was at it again over the weekend, using time during his commencement speech to Brown University graduates while warning them about the “tragic, dumbass comedy” he feels the country now resembles. His words were greeted with applause.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Do you have any idea what’s happened to our world in the four years you’ve been here?” he asked the students before continuing:

“Well, the country’s going crazy. In movie terms, when you started school, the country was an inspiring, uplifting drama. You are graduating into a tragic, dumbass comedy. My advice is to lock the [university’s] Van Wickle Gates and stay here … but if you do leave, work for the change. Work to stop the insanity. Start now so the class of 2018 will graduate into a better world.”

De Niro received an honorary doctorate in fine arts at the ceremony.

The day before the graduation ceremony, De Niro appeared at a Q&A session held by Brown University that covered his career but shifted toward President Trump. “It’s such a ridiculous situation we’re all in now,” De Niro said. “It puts a pall over everything.”

(via The Guardian & Providence Journal)