Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Wants Roger Ailes Fired From Fox News Following The Gretchen Carlson Scandal

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Despite receiving vocal support from practically every Fox News personality there is (save Megyn Kelly), network chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has come under fire. Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, who was terminated after her contract ended on June 23, is suing the executive for claims of sexual harassment. The Miss America-turned-media correspondent alleges Ailes used his position to make unwanted advances against her, and when she rebuffed him, he effectively “ended her career.” And no matter the outcome of the ongoing investigation and ensuing trial, it seems the Murdoch family wants nothing to do with it.

That’s because, according to a New York Magazine report, Rupert Murdoch and his sons Lachlan and James “have settled on removing” Ailes from his post in the near future. There’s disagreement among the article’s sources as to who wants what and when for Ailes, but it seems all three Murdochs are in agreement about the Fox News head’s eventual departure:

James Murdoch is said to be arguing that Ailes should be presented with a choice this week to resign or face being fired. Lachlan is more aligned with their father, who thinks that no action should be taken until after the GOP convention this week. Another source confirms that all three are in agreement that Ailes needs to go

The report comes as a surprise, especially since most of the network’s anchors, correspondents and pundits have come out in Ailes’ support. Hell, even presumptive Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump likes him. En lieu of the executive’s recent push to move Carlson’s lawsuit trial to friendly ground in New York, it seems things at Fox News have gotten … interesting.

Case in point, the internal investigation being conducted by (and in) the law offices of Paul, Weiss:

The interviews are now being conducted at Paul, Weiss’s midtown offices because of concerns that the Fox offices could be bugged, sources say.

Since news of Carlson’s lawsuit first made waves, the Paul, Weiss investigation has allegedly “expanded into a wide-ranging inquiry into Ailes’ controversial management style.” It sounds like the week of the GOP Convention in Cleveland is going to be a lot more fun than anticipated.

UPDATE #1: Deadline confirmed the Murdochs intend to “sideline” Ailes, though no details regarding the ongoing investigation by New York law firm Paul, Weiss were offered.

(Via New York Magazine)