Curious Who Ron Swanson Would Vote For? Nick Offerman Has A Hunch

There is no doubt that Ron Swanson loved America. The Parks and Recreation favorite may have made his distaste for the current political system and government structure abundantly clear, but no one would ever accuse him of not being patriotic. The man bled red, white, and blue.

Parks and Rec may be over, but it remains forever in our hearts, so much so that fans have been hitting up Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, a lot online asking him how his character would lean. In an incredibly game move, Offerman decided to address the issue head on and say that Swanson would probably vote for Hillary, but he wouldn’t be thrilled about it. Basically, his assessment of the current election would be similar to many other’s:

Ron wouldn’t think much of Trump. First of all, he’d be very sad that a businessman entered politics. Huge step backwards. He made it in the private sector and he blew it! Doesn’t speak well of his decision making. Second, he wen’t bankrupt 4-6 times, depending on who you believe. Ron does not like businessmen getting bailed out by taxpayers. Third, Trump disrespects women. Ron likes women. Because they are human beings and deserve to be treated with basic dignity. Fourth, his boys are fatuous suck-ups with slick hair. Ron would not like Hillary either. She is a career politician. Ron has no love of career politicians. But he would certainly vote Hillary over Trump, if he had to choose between the two. Or he would write in Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson.

Swanson was canonically libertarian, but Offerman declined to comment on libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. Probably for the best.

UPDATE: Definitely not an oversight.

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)