Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Has Somber Words For Donald Trump In Regards To Her Own Father’s Shooting

President Ronald Reagan Is Laid To Rest
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Loyal Donald Trump staff and supporters continue to grasp at straws to explain away his horrifying “2nd Amendment” remarks from earlier this week, but with Trevor Noah comparing the controversy to a messed up version of “the dress” and even Fox News correspondent and long-time friend Geraldo Rivera calling him out on his bullcrap, the overall consensus is that Trump knew exactly what he was implying with his message.

Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, a shooting victim herself, has already spoken out pleading for Trump to consider the gravity of his words. And now Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan — pictured above at the former president’s funeral in 2004 — has released a statement on Facebook speaking as the daughter of a man who was shot by someone. As you may recall, in 1981, President Reagan, along with three others, was shot and wounded by gunman John Hinckley Jr. while exiting a speaking engagement in Washington, D.C.

Davis’ words are heavy, but sadly unlikely to have an effect on the Republican candidate. So far, Trump has been completely unapologetic, even doubling down on his remarks by dangerously accusing President Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of being the founder and co-founder of ISIS the next day. We have to seriously ask ourselves how much further this can go before someone is actually hurt.