Rosario Dawson Reportedly Gets Arrested At D.C. Democracy Spring Protest

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Daredevil and Top Five star Rosario Dawson seems to have gotten herself in a spot of trouble after participating in Democracy Spring protests in Washington DC. According to a report from TMZ, Dawson was seen being booked and cuffed at the protest on Friday. Vulture has the details, however limited, about her activities before the arrest:

Dawson, specifically, is said to have been protesting the corruption of big money in politics. There are currently no details on what Dawson was arrested for, but D.C. police tell TMZ that nearly 100 protestors were arrested on Friday for things like crowding and obstructing.

“Crowding” and “obstructing” are low key things to be arrested for, so it seems as if Dawson wasn’t arrested for anything violent or destructive at the protests. Fortunately for her, there was no dramatic weekend spent in jail or court appearance related to her arrest. As Huffington Post reports, she was simply fined $50 and released at the scene after a brief detainment. Dawson has been vocal in her support of Bernie Sanders this election cycle, sometimes in a manner that doubles as critical to the current First Family, so her commitment to the protests is not surprising. Plus, the good news is that she can spin this experience into first hand research for The Defenders and the next season of Daredevil vigilanteism.

(via Vulture)