Rose McGowan Reveals That Her See-Though VMAs Dress Was A Secret Protest Against Harvey Weinstein

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During her current book tour for Brave, Rose McGowan has set off some serious fireworks taking while swings against both those who knew about Harvey Weinstein’s actions as well as his defenders and enablers. It turns out that one of the most talked-about moments in McGowan’s career was inspired by the disgraced Hollywood mogul as well.

Appearing on Dr. Oz, McGowan revealed that the minimalist dress she wore to the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards with then-boyfriend Marilyn Manson was a silent protest aimed at Weinstein. According to McGowan, the VMAs were her first public appearance since her alleged sexual assault by Weinstein:

“It was after I wore the crazy dress, right? But that crazy dress… and I talk about it in the book, why did I wear that? That was my first public appearance after being sexually assaulted. I was like, ‘Is that what you want?’ I’ve never worn something like that before or since. That was a political statement … of course, there was no Twitter at the time or Instagram, no way to speak for yourself.”

Later Friday, McGowan, citing an incident at a reading at a Barnes and Noble in New York, announced she was canceling all future public appearances on her book tour.

McGowan has not stated whether or not she will make further TV appearances.

(Via Billboard and Dr. Oz)

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