Roseanne Bizarrely Claims That Trump Has Freed Children Around The World From Sex Slavery


Roseanne Barr once again shared some praise for Donald Trump on Twitter, rounding out a week that saw Roseanne return to television with huge ratings and President Trump reaching out to the star with a congratulatory phone call. Barr’s past comments and her decision to make Roseanne Conner a Trump supporter on the popular ABC revival have caused a lot of discussion in the media. Some are critical and others are celebratory, but everybody is trying to put together the puzzle behind the success.

All the while, Barr continues to be “very much online” as some on Twitter would say and is posting comments that cause confusion and a little controversy. While she has deleted some of the more inflammatory tweets, her latest has many asking what she’s referencing and if it might indicate something a little darker:

President Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world. Hundreds each month. He has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere. notice that. I disagree on some things, but give him benefit of doubt-4 now.

Nobody will argue that human trafficking is reprehensible and any efforts against it are worthy of praise. But Roseanne’s comments left many asking where she was getting this information. As Dianna E. Anderson explains on Twitter, the comment likely stems from a claim made last year that human trafficking arrests are up since Trump entered The White House:

Roseanne later tweeted an explanation for the post saying, “I have worked with victims of trafficking for decades & supported the fight against it.”

But her post also carries a darker connection, leading many to point the QAnon conspiracy theory that has spread online in the past year involving President Trump:

“Q” or “QAnon” refers to a user on the anonymous message board 4chan. The user claims to be a high-ranking government official with inside knowledge of the White House where, he claims, Trump is planning mass arrests of top Democrats for allegedly being involved in a satanic child-sex-trafficking ring.

Roseanne’s connection comes from a deleted tweet from November 2017 that said, “Tell Qanon to DM me in the next 24 hours.” Some are making connections with her bizarre Tweet from Friday and the larger conspiracy theory that shares a lot of DNA with the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. The comedienne has mentioned it several times on Twitter, but this latest post doesn’t mention any direct connection.

One thing that is certain is Barr’s support for Trump is clear and isn’t going anywhere on Twitter or her sitcom. If this is the discussion after only one week, it’s going to be quite a long season as we move along.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / Daily Beast)