Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Feels ‘Fantastic’ About Doug Jones’ Win: ‘I’m Not Giving Up’

It has been a tough year for survivors of sexual harassment and violence who watched President Trump get elected despite the Access Hollywood audio footage in which he bragged about assaulting women. But for at least one alleged victim, there was a glimmer of hope in Roy Moore’s defeat last night in his campaign for an Alabama Senate seat. Beverly Nelson, who says Moore tried to force her into oral sex in a restaurant parking lot in the 1970s, is hopeful after his defeat, not least because she and Moore’s other accusers feel heard. In an interview with CNN, Nelson explained:

“Roy Moore’s loss means to me the fact that Alabama is about to make some changes, and I believe it’s going to be in the positive side of things. I’m very excited. I want to congratulate Doug Jones for his win. I’m super excited. I could not even say more.”

When anchor Alisyn Camerota asked if she feels like her story helped Doug Jones beat Moore, Nelson responded, “I feel like my story may have played a part in this, but I also believe it was the other victims, as well, that also helped, you know, with all of this.” Nelson added that she feels this outcome means that the public did believe her story, and that of the other women who have accused Moore, saying, “I feel like it was not just me. It was all of us.”

As for the critics who say Nelson and her fellow accusers only brought this up as a political stunt to hurt Moore’s campaign, she says she still wants to pursue the matter. She hopes Moore will have to appear before the ethics committee and undergo investigation. “There’s no reason for me to go and lie on television when this was, you know, the truth from day one,” she said. “I intend on still pursuing it. I’m not giving up.”

(Via CNN)