Roy Moore Is Asking For Money To Create An ‘Election Integrity Fund’ To Investigate Voter Fraud

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In a staggeringly unprecedented turn on Tuesday, Doug Jones, a Democrat, beat out his Republican opponent Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate special election. Of course, Jones’ victory came only after Moore was accused by over half-dozen women of being sexually assaulted or perused by Moore as teens. Yet, following his loss by more than 20,000 votes, Moore stubbornly refuses to concede, even after Donald Trump — who endorsed Moore in an official capacity despite everything — accepted the election results.

On Friday, Trump told reporters that it was time for Moore to step down. “But as far as Roy Moore, yeah, I would certainly say he should,” he said. It doesn’t appear that Moore is taking the president up on that advice, however, because in a fundraising email sent to supporters, his campaign is now seeking contributions to pay for an “election integrity fund” to investigate supposed reports of voter fraud. In capital letters, the email boldly proclaimed that “this battle is NOT OVER!”

Moore told supporters that the race was “close” and some military and provisional ballots had yet to be counted. Those are expected to be counted next week.

Moore said his campaign is collecting “numerous reported cases of voter fraud” to send to the secretary of state’s office.

Even Trump’s Secretary of State John Merrill admits that it’s unlikely the last-minute ballots will have an effect on the outcome of the election, but it goes without saying that we wish him the best of luck.

(Via AP)