A Newly Resurfaced Interview Shows Roy Moore Admitting He First Noticed His Wife When She Was A Teen

By now, everyone on Capitol Hill and beyond has heard about Roy Moore’s alleged taste for teenage girls after multiple accusers stepped forward to tell their stories of inappropriate behavior from the Senate candidate and then-district attorney. But it turns out that Moore himself has been candid more than once about the impact that a teenage girl can have on him — when he told the story of how he first met his wife, Kayla Kisor.

Moore and Kisor officially met when he was 38 and she was 24 at a Christmas party. At least, that was the first time that Kisor recalls being introduced to her future husband. But Moore recalls first seeing his future wife at a dance recital eight years prior, when she was fifteen or sixteen. “I knew Kayla was going to be a special person in my life,” Moore wrote of that moment in his book So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom. Moore also recounted a more detailed version of the encounter in a July interview with Paul Patterson:

“When I was deputy district attorney, many years before we got married, I saw her at a dance recital and I was standing, oh, at the back of the auditorium and I saw her up front. I remember her name, it was Kayla Kisor. KK. But I remember that and I didn’t meet her there … it was, oh gosh, eight years later or something, I met her. And when she told me her name, I remembered.”

At the time Moore first saw Kisor, she was the same age as Beverly Young Nelson, who has recently accused Moore of sexually assaulting her in his car when she was sixteen. Both were sophomores at the same high school that year, and Nelson says Moore wrote in her yearbook, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’” He signed it “Roy Moore, D.A.” with the date and location — the same restaurant where Nelson worked and where she says Moore forced himself on her. Kisor, however, denies that her husband of over thirty years did anything wrong and insists that the allegations are simply an attempt to derail his campaign. And if you ask her, Kisor says that she and Moore met at a church bible study.

(Via CNN)