Rudy Giuliani Completely Forgets Which Network He’s On While Yelling At MSNBC’s Katy Tur

The Donald Trump administration’s potential pick for attorney general, Rudy Giuliani, demonstrated his expert grasp of reality during a rather heated exchange with MSNBC anchor Katy Tur on Tuesday. How so, you ask? By ignoring Tur’s questions about alleged calls for Hillary Clinton’s assassination by Trump supporters, emphasizing supposed acts of violence by Democrats instead, then completely forgetting which network was broadcasting the pair’s shouting match.

Tur’s initial question had to do with a commend overheard at a Monday night rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gov. Mike Pence was discussing Clinton and Benghazi when, according to Tur’s account, someone in the crowd shouted “assassinate that b*tch.” To Giuliani, she asked: “Why do we keep hearing Trump supporters using this language?” The former New York City mayor, however, was having none of it:

“Because you hear the same thing at Hillary Clinton rallies… I’ve seen it. They threw a rock through the window of Trump headquarters… almost hit a little boy that I met on Saturday morning who is still traumatized by it. The guy was arrested. The guy was a Hillary Clinton supporter.”

Tur acknowledged the incident in Denver, Colorado but refused to let Giuliani ignore her questions about Trump supporters and discuss the Clinton campaign’s reported failings instead. That’s when the Republican surrogate and Tur’s lively discussion took a turn:

GIULIANI: I want to show you the unfairness of CNBC. That you’re asking me about that…

TUR: This is MSNBC.

GIULIANI: …MSNBC. You’re the same.

The ex-mayor went on to cite supposed evidence by WikiLeaks indicating violent protests at Trump’s Chicago rallies were funded by the Clinton campaign — claims that have since been debunked. Tur, who recently gained notoriety for being named by Trump at a rally (and targeted by his supporters as a result), refused to grant Giuliani the platform he desired and shut him down repeatedly.

(Via Andrew Kirell on Twitter)

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