Rudy Giuliani Encourages Buzz That He Will Be Secretary Of State With A Speech About Destroying ISIS

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On Monday, Rudy Giuliani delivered an hour-long speech and then sat for a Q&A session with the The Wall Street Journal CEO Council. In doing so, he stoked the flames of speculation over an impending secretary of state announcement from Donald Trump. Giuliani confirmed that Trump’s primary foreign policy goal is to wipe out ISIS, and the former NYC Mayor’s comments come after The Journal reported he is at the top of the list for the position.

Giuliani hinted (several times) that he would be very interested in the position as he and Trump’s foreign policy stances align with each other. A sampling:

“ISIS, short-term I believe, is the greatest danger and not because ISIS is in Iraq and in Syria, but because ISIS did something al Qaeda never did — ISIS was able to spread itself around the world.”

Giuliani also added his take on how the US helped ISIS to flourish in Iraq: “I think the way we exited Iraq was the worst decision made in American history.” But despite Trump and Giuliani’s insistence that they will destroy the Islamic state, the two have yet to provide any detailed plans on how to do so. Giuliani went on to say Trump would also work to repair relations with Russia and China in the White House.

Giuliani’s remarks give another clue into the future Trump administration. So far, he has only made two announcements — Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, and alt-right advocate Steve Bannon as his chief strategist — of who will be in his inner circle. New York Magazine also reported that Giuliani is being considered for secretary of state, but there were rumors he may up for the attorney general job. Other possible candidates for secretary of state include former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, who is seen as a more conventional pick. Announcements for the positions may be on the horizon, but as he has shown in the past, Trump can be indecisive until the last possible moment.

(Via The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine & NBC)