Russia Sent France A Puppy To Replace The Fallen Police Dog Lost In A Terrorist Raid

Shooting Breaks Out During Anti-Terror Operation in Saint-Denis
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Last Wednesday, an extended raid in a Parisian suburb left several suspected terrorists (including ringleader Abelhamid Abaaoud) dead in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. One particularly touching casualty included cherished hero police dog Diesel. The mighty Belgian shepherd was killed when a suicide bomber (Hasna Aitboulahcen, the cousin of Abaaoud) detonated her explosive vest. Diesel was described as “indispensable” to French law enforcement during their countless missions.

Of course, every dog is indispensable to their owners — no matter whether they’re a hero dog or the laziest canine companion of all time. One can adopt a new puppy, but it will never be the same as the one who provided years of unforgettable moments. Months or years later, perhaps one can stomach bringing a new dog into their lives. Should it happen a week later? Probably not, but that’s exactly what happened when Russia sent Paris a pup.

Russia’s interior minister, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, penned a letter that explained how Dobrynya the puppy was intended as “a sign of solidarity with the people and police of France.” Kolokoltsev hoped the puppy would “be able to occupy the place in service of the police dog Diesel killed during a special operation to neutralize terrorists.” The tiny widdle German Shepherd takes his name from Dobrynya Nikitch, a folk hero known for “strength, goodness, and courage.” The little fella is adorable, but is it too soon? This was a nice (if unexpected) gesture on behalf of Russia, and hopefully Dobrynya will carve a little niche of his own. He’s got some oversized paws to fill.

(Via Yahoo!)