Report: U.S. Intel Officials Believe Russia Has ‘Compromising’ Information On Trump Involving ‘Golden Showers’

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On Tuesday, CNN reported that U.S. intelligence showed Donald Trump classified documents that included Russia’s claims of “compromising” information on him. The juicy revelations don’t end there, as these documents reportedly reveal that Trump surrogates were exchanging information with Russia during the presidential campaign.

These latest allegations were a part of a two-page addendum to a report last week where it was revealed the U.S. has “conclusive” evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. The information, which was shared with both President Obama and Trump, noted that Russian hackers not only collected information from both parties but also possessed personal and financial information pertaining to Trump. As of now, the FBI is currently working to confirm the accuracy of this claim.

In addition, the part of this report about Trump surrogates exchanging information with Russian intermediaries backs up last year’s claims (by Russia) that it had contacts within the Trump camp. The bombshell also lines up with Harry Reid’s letter to FBI Director James Comey, to whom Reid voiced his concern that members of Trump’s team had connections with the Russian government. All the while, Trump has continued to deny that he knew anything about Russia.

Trump had been downplaying Russia’s involvement in the election, only believing they successfully hacked the DNC. But the new allegations come from alleged credible sources, including a former intelligence operative, security officials, and from Russian sources, as reported by CNN.

UPDATE: Buzzfeed obtained a copy of the U.S. intelligence report and published it. In the report, Russian intelligence officials are reported to be confident that they could blackmail Trump with evidence of his penchant for “perverted sexual acts,” including evidence that he hired multiple sex workers to perform “golden showers” on each other in a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama once slept in. The report says the Russians obtained this information when Trump stayed at a hotel that was under surveillance by Russian intelligence agencies, a hotel where Trump arranged for the tryst with the golden shower-giving sex workers in question.

Let’s all go take a shower now.

(Via CNN)