Russia Responds To Trump’s Warning About Syria: We Will Not Engage In ‘Twitter Diplomacy’

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President Trump started his Wednesday morning like he starts most mornings — by threatening sovereign nations with aggression. Mocking Russia’s pledge to shoot down missiles fired at Syria, he said that Russia had to “get ready” because “they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!'” Naturally, this was the exact opposite of what Trump used to say during President Obama’s tenure. Even so, Russia wasted precious time in responding to Trump’s latest outburst on social media. Officials even included a dig at his communications platform of choice.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov addressed the tweets directly while speaking to Russian journalists, saying that the Kremlin had “dismissed Trump’s Twitter diplomacy.” However, “he left unmentioned that Russia’s own diplomats in London are no stranger to it.” Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t directly address Trump’s tweets, but he did reiterate that global stability can only be achieved through a “multipolar” world — instead of one managed largely by the U.S.:

“Indeed, the state of things in the world cannot but provoke concern. The situation in the world is increasingly chaotic. Nevertheless, we hope that common sense will prevail in the end and that international relations will become more constructive — that the whole global system will become more stable and predictable.”

Following Putin and Peskov’s comments, many other Russian officials jumped at the chance to assist the former in his effort to make Russia look more reasonable during this ongoing fiasco.

(Via Washington Post)