The Poisoned Daughter Of An Ex-Russian Spy Is ‘Improving Rapidly And No Longer In Critical Condition’

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Several weeks after being poisoned by a nerve agent in the U.K., Yulia Skripal, the daughter of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, is no longer in critical condition and is reportedly “improving rapidly.”

After being poisoned in Salisbury, British authorities recently determined that the poison had been “smeared” on their front door by a Russian hit squad. While Scotland Yard carries out its investigation, it was believed that Yulia Skripal had suffered irreversible brain damage, but that appears to no longer be the case after she responded well to treatment. However, doctors said Thursday that Sergei Skripal remains in critical, but stable condition.

In further developments, police cordoned off a playground near the Skripal’s residence on Thursday, but said it was only as a precautionary measure. However, they are investigating several areas frequented by the father and daughter duo:

Police have closed off several locations visited by the pair on the day they fell ill, including a pub and restaurant, but the park was not previously known to be part of the investigation.

Soldiers and specialist military units have been supporting the removal of vehicles used by the Skripals and people who had contact with them in the days before they fell ill on 4 March.

In response to the attack, Britain has expelled 23 Russian diplomats who are believed to be intelligence officers, and Trump has expelled 60 more from the U.S. In late-breaking news, Russia has now retaliated by expelling 150 foreign diplomats from its soil.

(Via The Independent and The Telegraph)