Samantha Bee Hits At Louis C.K. And Others To Show That Roy Moore Is Far From Just An Alabama Problem

Samantha Bee wants Alabama to prove all the Yankee assholes in this country wrong in December, refusing to elect Roy Moore to Congress and make a statement. While running down the latest allegations against the controversial GOP Senate candidate in counter to Sean Hannity’s newly restored support, pointing out that the Fox News host is far from the only voice showing support for the former judge and isn’t even close to being as unhinged as Moore’s supporters in Alabama.

While the establishment GOP members of Congress are swiftly backing away from Moore and asking him to step down from the nomination, his supporters in Alabama are firmly on his side and won’t even consider that the women accusing Moore of misconduct are telling the truth. As Bee points out, 37 percent of Evangelicals in the state are still going to vote for Moore and see his accusers as haters puhsed by the “lying liberal media” who just want to attack the candidate because he’s a Christian, even calling it a witch hunt. There’s even the fake Washington Post robocall that seems to be firmly anti-Semitic while trying to discredit the reporting of the paper.

Bee caps off her discussion of Moore by asking why Moore has so many friends all of the sudden, noting that even his fellow soldiers in Vietnam wanted to kill him, but soon moves on to show that the situation with Moore isn’t just an Alabama problem. She calls it a human problem, citing Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, Terry Richardson, and finally Louis C.K. to show that Moore’s support should be no surprise. While Alabama voters are still firmly behind Moore, the apparently liberal haven that is Hollywood is welcoming Mel Gibson back to friendly territory while the Harvey Weinstein scandal is still raging.

It’s all a good point to make and an effective way to cover the ongoing discussion about sexual assault in the country. At the end of the day, Moore, Jackson, Allen, and any of the others are really all part of the same conversation, no matter what their political affiliation turns out to be.

(Via Full Frontal)