Samantha Bee Takes NBC To The Woodshed For Going To Great Lengths To Humanize Trump

Samantha Bee got back in the groove on Monday night, spending a quick moment on the bombing in New York before catching up with all the wonderful Trump happenings we’ve had in the past week. He’s the main target this week, as he is most weeks, but he doesn’t get the brunt of the damage. That honor belongs to NBC for nurturing, cultivating, and allowing Trump’s to have golden ticket during The Apprentice and with his recent appearances on the network.

All during his tenure on NBC’s The Apprentice, Trump was still spewing lies about birtherism — going so far as to say he was proud that he brought it to the mainstream — and it seems to have continued now that he’s left the network. Bee points out that NBC cut ties with Trump following his announcement for president that also managed to call all Mexicans thieves and rapists, but still allowed him back on for appearances on the network’s flagship shows.

He got a chance to joke about himself and seem like a fun guy during an appearance on Saturday Night Live, following that with several appearances with Jimmy Fallon that made them seem like good time fun pals. Have a drink, tussle some hair around, make some jokes about board games. It’s a good time.

There’s a lot to apologize for during this election. We’ll likely never get that from Donald Trump, but can we get an apology from NBC?

(Via Full Frontal)