Here’s What We Know About The Mass Shooting In San Bernardino, California

On Wednesday afternoon, preliminary reports of a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California surfaced on Twitter and CNN. Not many details are known at this time (see updates below), but CNN points towards police reports from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which tweeted news of an active shooter at the scene. Reuters reports that around 20 victims were injured in the shooting.

CNN also notes that police aren’t certain of the number of suspects, which could range from one to three. CBS follows up with news of what appears to be an explosive device, which the bomb squad is attempting to diffuse.

UPDATE: 3:32pm – Los Angeles CNN affiliate KABC reports that the shootings occurred at the Inland Regional Center, which serves patients with developmental disabilities. The center houses multiple buildings with nearly 670 staff members on site.

The incident began shortly before noon (Pacific Standard Time), and police reported up to three shooters armed with rifles. All were wearing ski masks, and no suspects are yet in custody. Witnesses report how “dozens of people were seen exiting the building with their hands up.” Marcos Aguilera, whose wife works in the center, says ambulances transported people away from the scene on stretchers.

UPDATE: 3:45pm – KTLA reports that SWAT teams are moving through the complex to clear buildings. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are also on the scene. The bomb squad located a “suspicious” package within one of the complex’s buildings. The squad will use a robot to approach the package.

Witnesses reported “three men with long rifles,” who drove away in a black SUV. Law enforcement believes the men are equipped with “AK-47-type weapons” and possibly wearing body armor.

UPDATE: 4:12pm – The LA Times’ Paloma Esquivel posted a photo of police lined up around the perimeter of a golf course near Inland Regional Center.

UPDATE: 4:30pm – CNN confirms “multiple casualties and confirmed fatalities” via the San Bernardino Police Department. Victims are being treated at the Loma Linda University Medical Center and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. All schools in the city have been placed on lockdown.

UPDATE: 5:30pm – The New York Times reports that at least 14 victims are confirmed dead and another 14 injured after today’s shootings. Authorities will continue the search for suspects.

UPDATE: 7:10pm – CNN Affiliate ABC7 reports police activity (involving a black SUV and a person on the ground) a few miles away from the Inland Regional Center where the shootings took place. Sgt. Vicki Cervantes of the SBPD said, “The only thing I know is there were shots fired, officers were involved and there is a suspect is down. Whether it’s related or not, we don’t know yet.”

UPDATE: 7:45pm – CNN confirms that one suspect has been shot with police making contact with two suspects total. A third suspect may still be at large.

UPDATE: 8:38pm – SBPD reports that two suspects (one male and one female) have been killed by police. Both suspects were armed with handguns and assault rifles. One officer was injured during the confrontation, but his injuries are not life threatening. A tweet from KTAR 923 News arrives from the scene.

Reporter Mike Rosenberg (formerly of the San Jose Mercury News) reminds us how the frequency of these mass shootings has reached alarming heights.