Bernie Sanders Delegates Will Hold A ‘Fart-In’ At The DNC To Protest Hillary Clinton

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In June, Philadelphia Magazine and other outlets carried an interesting story about a protest planned by Bernie Sanders supporters for the Democratic National Convention. Aside from countless other demonstrations targeting presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton‘s official selection as the party’s choice for November, this choice of action caught everyone’s eyes, ears, and noses off guard. Why? Because Cheri Honkala of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign wants to feed Sanders delegates nothing but beans, grease and other flatulence-causing foods for a “fart-in” during Clinton’s acceptance speech. Yes, a fart-in.

The initial report wafted away without much fanfare, but after Sanders endorsed Clinton at a New Hampshire rally on Tuesday, Honkala and her associates suspect the intended blowout will be much larger than anticipated. Thanks mostly, as she told U.S. News & World Report, to “more beans to [pouring] into her group’s downtown Philadelphia office.”

“Those beans will probably quadruple” after Sanders’ endorsement, Honkala says.

Many Sanders supporters “are not happy” about the two major party candidates, she says. “They do not represent the American people. It’s like they’re reality-show characters, two villains who can’t be trusted.”

Honkala admits the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign hasn’t “tested varieties to discern the smelliest option,” but suggests baked beans complemented by hot dogs will be the way to go. At least that’s what participating delegates will get at one feeding location ahead of Clinton’s remarks on the final night of the convention. A second location near the Wells Fargo Center will offer similarly smelly foodstuffs to “delegates, journalists and others heading into the speech.”

A Clinton spokesperson had “no comment” on the fart-in. As for Sanders, the Independent Vermont senator’s camp didn’t have anything to say about the matter either. Though we have a pretty good idea what his reaction will be in the moment.

(Via U.S. News & World Report and Philadelphia Magazine)