Bernie Sanders Gets Pelted With Boos After Telling Fans To Elect Hillary Clinton

The Democratic convention proceedings are just getting underway in Philadelphia, and the boos are already out in plentiful supply. On Monday morning, Bernie Sanders’ nemesis, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was besieged with cries of “Shame!” And now — strangely enough — Sanders is being resoundingly booed too. Mind you, when he mentioned Wasserman Schultz’s resignation during a Monday speech to those who #FeelTheBern, Sanders received loud applause. But his fans weren’t thrilled for much longer.

Before we view this mess, it’s worth mentioning reports of Sanders delegates who are conducting member polls at the convention. They’re hoping to challenge Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, Tim Kaine, and it’s also a given that Sanders fans are protesting outside the convention center. But what happened during this speech — after Sanders spent the weekend calling for party unity — may make you feel sorry for the Bern.

Everything started out well. For several minutes, Sanders led the crowd with congratulatory statements such as “we’re not fringe players anymore.” He dove through progressive additions to the Democratic platform, which likely wouldn’t have happened without his campaign. Cheer after cheer rose into the air, and then Sanders said this: “Right now, we have got to defeat Donald Trump, and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.”

Sanders was then greeted with boos and jeers that rose in volume and intensity. He tried to quell the rising tide: “Brothers and sisters … brothers and sisters! This is the real world that we live in. Trump is a bully and a demagogue. Trump has made bigotry and hatred the cornerstone of his campaign.” To this, the crowd responded with a “We Want Bernie!” chant. Sanders continued to shout in an effort to rally his troops to the new cause, but will it work? Watch this video and judge for yourself. The clip is cued up the moment when the mood shifts.