Sarah Palin Had A Legitimate Beef While Watching The Vice Presidential Debate

Millions of people tuned in to watch the Tuesday night VP debate, and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was among them. Perhaps this was a bittersweet ritual, for some folks imagined — during a brief winter period — that Donald Trump would select Palin as his running mate. But his team must have talked him into selecting a less outrageous personality to lend some seriousness to the campaign. So, we didn’t hear any “you betchas,” but Mike Pence served up hefty servings of gaslighting and full-on lies, which makes one wonder what Palin would have brought to the table in a second VP run.

Yet she wasn’t expressing such hopes at home. Instead, Palin was pondering the oddness of how Pence and Tim Kaine were sitting down for their debate. Not only that, but a quick dive back into recent history shows all the men at VP debates sitting down as well. In 2000, 2004, 2012, and 2016, all the dudes were comfy. Whereas in 2008, Palin and Joe Biden stood up for the entire 90 minutes, and as Palin shows in a Facebook photo, she was wearing red heels for the whole event.

As Palin puts things, “The dudes lucked out and got chairs,” and while Biden stood for one year, at least he didn’t have to wear heels while doing so. Some of us only wear heels to funerals, so Palin has a legitimate complaint here.

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