Internet Reactions To Sarah Palin’s Donald Trump Endorsement Are As Off The Hook As Her Speech

The New York Daily News swiftly printed up this cover after a day of Sarah Palin madness, which was capped with a “Son Beat Gal Pal” reference to Track Palin’s alleged domestic dispute. The morning began with the promise of an unholy union between Donald Trump and Palin, but the world was not prepared for the chaos that ensued. Palin, who Trump would “love” to have in his administration, issued her official endorsement before launching the most unintelligible speech of all-time.

The tour isn’t over! Trump and Palin are expected to wreak havoc in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday. As for Tuesday evening’s speech, the high fallutin’ mess can best be boiled down to this Vine, which may currently be the most omnipresent clip on Twitter.

Someone seamlessly set this clip to an Iggy Azalea performance. The shade on both ends is palpable and undeniable.

The world completely lost its collective sh*t after Palin’s speech, which seems unreal during a race for the highest office in the land. Again, this shouldn’t surprise jaded political spectators who’ve seen it all over the past several months. Remember, this is how the NYDN reacted when Trump first declared his candidacy last June.

Trump may exhibit clown-like behavior, but he seems downright restrained compared to (future VP running mate or Secretary of State) Palin. BuzzFeed carefully transcribed the speech, which one must read while imagining Palin negotiating with other countries and shouting “Hallelujah!” and promising to “kick ISIS ass.” If Trump wanted to give his campaign a jolt, this was the most effective way to do so. Combining a politician-turned-reality-star and a reality-star-turned-politician is sheer insanity, and the Internet lost its mind, too. Patton Oswalt is always a fine source for an entertaining perspective.

The New York Post contributed a “Lady and the Trump” cover for posterity.

Various reactions prove the world is not coping well with this endorsement.

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