Sarah Palin Takes Back All The Bad Things She Said About Julian Assange, Wants Everyone To See ‘Snowden’

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Rootin’ tootin’ Sarah Palin never disappears for long. She’s still waiting for her preferred cabinet position but is staying busy by airing her morphing thoughts on the Russia thing. Last time around, Palin wasn’t worried about Russian hackers because she can “keep an eye” on them from her Alaska home. Now, she’s captivated by Sean Hannity’s Fox News interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who she previously equated to the Taliban or Al Queda as an “anti-American operative with blood on his hands.”

Surprise, Palin feels differently now!

During Assange’s interview with Hannity, the Ecuadorian Assembly in London’s most famous occupant insisted that Russia is not a Wikileaks source. Assange stated that his source for near daily dumpings of John Podesta’s emails was “not a state party,” and he believes that the Obama administration is only fingering Russia to “delegitimize” Donald Trump’s win. Palin likes what she’s hearing, so she delivered a strange public apology on Facebook. Here’s the whole thing because it’s simply bonkers:

To Julian Assange: I apologize.

Please watch Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange (Wikileaks).

Exposing the truth re: the Left having been oh-so-guilty of atrocious actions and attitudes of which they’ve falsely accused others. The media collusion that hid what many on the Left have been supporting is shocking. This important information that finally opened people’s eyes to democrat candidates and operatives would not have been exposed were it not for Julian Assange.

I apologize for condemning Assange when he published my infamous (and proven noncontroversial, relatively boring) emails years ago.

As I said at the time of being targeted and my subsequent condemnation, though, the line must be drawn before our troops or innocent lives deserving protection would be put at risk as a result of published emails.

Julian, I apologize.

– Sarah Palin

ps. If you get the chance, catch the movie “Snowden.” That movie and Hannity’s interview tonight are quite enlightening.

Palin’s 2008 fury at Assange arrived after Wikileaks published some of her emails, but now that Assange is pro-Trump, everything is all good. And she dropped a movie recommendation too, which is a nice touch. She doesn’t explain why she enjoyed watching Snowden, but given that Congress recently labeled him a liar who has contact with Russian intelligence, Palin probably has an interpretation that she hasn’t shared yet. Maybe next week, that’ll happen on Facebook.

For what it’s worth, Trump may now also be an Assange fan. However, he misspelled Assange’s name in a now-deleted tweet, so here’s the new version.

(Via Sarah Palin on Facebook & The Nation)