A Scaramucci Friend/Possible Publicist Has Threatened To Leak ‘Mistress’ Dirt On Reince Priebus

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The Scaramucci avalanche continues unabated, and piggybacking off the latest stories — involving a planned Joe Paterno movie and plenty of continuing divorce drama — a Mooch associate named Arthur Schwartz launched a Sunday attack on the freshly ousted Reince Priebus. Just what this saga needs, right? And it is one righteous mess and a half.

Schwartz’s ties to Scaramucci are somewhat nebulous. He’s been described as a friend, but CNN’s Jake Tapper and other journalists refer to him as a Mooch publicist. Well, the beleaguered Priebus, who was rumored to be on the verge of being fired as chief of staff for months, left his position shortly after Scaramucci blew into the White House. This happened after Mooch accused Priebus of being a leaker and gave an infamous New Yorker interview to completely trash both Priebus and Steve Bannon.

And just because Priebus is gone doesn’t mean that he’s immune from continued onslaughts. Schwartz (via Twitter) took partial responsibility for trashing the “unemployed” Priebus, and he threatened to “start dropping oppo” about a possible “mistress” (despite Scaramucci asking the press to respect his own family’s privacy). Schwartz quickly deleted the tweet, but the Internet came through with a screencap.

Schwartz tweeted several more times about the incident, including how he (maybe?) apologized to Priebus, who (also maybe?) accepted and is “a better man than me.” He also feels “embarrassed” about doing “something stupid.”

However, Priebus sources tell Jake Tapper that he hasn’t spoken to Schwartz about this matter and definitely hasn’t accepted an apology.

For what it’s worth, Schwartz also apologized for threatening to sue Tapper.

Oh, and Schwartz has updated his Twitter profile to claim that he’s “Not Scaramucci’s publicist.” This dude is full of it.