Chuck Schumer Echoes Al Franken: Some Republicans Privately Have ‘Real Problems’ With Trump

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stopped by The View, where he claimed that some of his Republican colleagues aren’t thrilled with Donald Trump’s leadership. The New York senator also stressed that the media is not an enemy, and if Trump didn’t take criticism personally, he could be doing great things.

Schumer’s recent comments come after Senator Al Franken made the claim some Republicans are worried about Trump’s mental wellness. Host Joy Behar (who made similar comments and was called out by Bill O’Reilly for them) asked Schumer if he could corroborate the claim. Schumer believes he’s witnessed some of the apprehension:

“When you talk to Republicans quietly — you know, in the cloak room and the gym — they are having real problems with him. Now, very few — John McCain, to his credit — but very few have had the courage to oppose him even though they know he’s doing a lot of things that are against what America is all about.”

Schumer went on to say once the honeymoon period is over. He thinks Republicans may turn on Trump and recommended he bite the bullet when it comes to criticism. Schumer is a fierce critic of Trump. He criticized his cabinet selections and how he’s handled himself while in the Oval Office. Trump has pushed back by calling out Schumer for producing fake tears over his immigration ban. However, Schumer comes from a family of immigrants, so his emotions likely come from a real place.

Now, is Schumer correct about Republicans feeling uneasy about Trump? Only time will tell.