A New Mexico Science Teacher Has Been Busted For A Real-Life ‘Breaking Bad’ Scandal

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before; A New Mexico science teacher is under arrest the manufacturing and possession of methamphetamine. Yeah, that’s the plot of AMC’s insanely addictive drama Breaking Bad, but it’s also a real thing that happened last October, because life imitates art, or something. That, or sometimes people imitate TV.

John W. Gose, an ex-science teacher in El Paso, flew too close to the Walter White sun this past year when cops pulled him over and found an ice cooler full of meth cooking odds-and-ends that would make Jessie and Badger feel like firing up the old camper and heading back out to the desert. Gose, no longer the danger, was taken to jail on four counts of probably-trying-to-make-the-blue-stuff.

Once authorities found the AMC-drama starter kit in Gose’s car, their first stop (after laundry mats, we assume) was to check out what was going on at his house. Sure-as-sh*t, cops found about a pound of ice an estimated street value of $44,800. Gose now faces up to 20 years and six months behind bars.

This isn’t the first time a real-life Walter White has been busted. Back on 2012 cops busted a High School teacher in Texas selling meth in the school’s parking lot, and in 2013, a meth kingpin actually named Walter White was busted for possession of meth and firearms. We can only imagine how many times he asked people to say his name.

(Via Las Cruces Sun-News and Rolling Stone)

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