Sean Hannity Spiraled Into An All-Caps Meltdown Ahead Of A CNN Segment Related To His Advertiser Boycott

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Sean Hannity’s most recent wavering on Roy Moore put him back on the Senate candidate’s side while stating that Alabama voters should make the call after multiple allegations that Moore sexually assaulted minors. Three weeks remain until voters go to the polls, and in the meantime, Hannity has some scores to settle despite now feeling fantastic about Keurig. The coffee brewer manufacturer’s CEO apologized for getting political while pulling its ads from Hannity’s show due to increasing public pressure, which saw the host encourage his viewers to destroy Keurig machines.

Hannity now feels much better about the situation. He’s giving away 500 Keurigs and thanked the company “for always standing by me.” However, his good mood couldn’t last. On Sunday morning, Hannity grew irate after hearing that the Media Matters President Angelo Carusone — who leads the outlet that compiled a list of Hannity advertisers for consumers to contact throughout the Moore scandal, as well as Hannity’s spreading of the Seth Rich conspiracy — was appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter.

A rage-filled Hannity volleyed the same all-caps tweet five times with different photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Stelter acknowledged Hannity’s screamfest with a straightforward tweet.

The resulting issue, of course, is complicated and runs far beyond Hannity’s outburst (and aside from his “bigot” accusations). He’s upset because Media Matters called for an advertiser boycott of his Fox News show and feels that Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct against women (including Juanita Broaddrick, who Hillary dragged through the court of public opinion‏) deserves the same scrutiny as the Roy Moore controversy. And indeed, there may be a Clinton reckoning to come as a result of the movement against sexual abusers like Harvey Weinstein and many other men in power.

For example, the New York Times recently published an op-ed (by Michelle Goldberg) called “I Believe Juanita,” which may have been a watershed moment. Broaddrick herself tweeted her surprise upon reading the piece:

This story isn’t over yet, and it remains to be seen whether Bill (and Hillary) Clinton will be further held accountable on the matter. One thing is clear, though. Very little will be solved through all-caps rants by Sean Hannity.