Sean Hannity Tells Ann Coulter To ‘Cut The BS’ After She Claims She Was Censored On His Show

Sean Hannity survived his brief advertising exodus after pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy, but now someone else is mad at him— Conservative firebrand Ann Coutler. The pundit appeared on Hannity’s Fox News show to promote her latest book and column, but went in feeling that not all her comments would make it on air. Sure enough, when Coulter saw the final interview didn’t feature her comments about Goldman Sachs and the Trump administration, she accused Hannity of trying to censor her.

Coulter was on Hannity’s show to talk about Trump’s recent comments about wanting only rich people in his administration. She anticipated trouble, apparently, because before the interview aired she tweeted that if he cut her screed on Trump’s hire of Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn, “it will be a scandal.”

It would appear that Coulter got caught up in sharing her thoughts on “leftist rage,” continuing the narrative of liberal violence that some conservatives have been running with since the shooting at a Republican Congressional baseball practice. While Hannity’s viewers got plenty of Coulter’s remarks on how “the respectable left is intentionally ginning up the psychotic left,” there wasn’t time enough, apparently, for her thoughts on Goldman Sachs. Anne was vindicated, and displeased, hopping on Twitter again to claim censorship and promote her column.

But Sean Hannity wasn’t having it and he got on Twitter himself to share his side of the story, chalking Coulter’s ire over her Goldman Sachs ‘censorship’ to paranoia:

If anyone was ginning someone else up, it was certainly these two. That was a lot of outrage for what was actually a pretty chill interview. But compared to what, say, Paul Manafort is dealing with this week and the bad news that came Loretta Lynch’s way yesterday, it doesn’t quite qualify as a scandal. Still, when the right wing talking heads are bickering back and forth at each other, it’s nice to stop and take notice for a bit.

(Via Mediaite)