A Sweating Sean Spicer Bolted From His First Press Briefing In Two Weeks

Amid a Trump administration communications team shakeup that saw the resignation of communications director Mike Dubke on Tuesday morning, Sean Spicer took to the press podium for the first time in two weeks — following speculation of his own role in the White House being diminished. One would think that the habitually beleaguered press secretary might come back bushy-tailed and relaxed after his international trip with President Trump, but it quickly became apparent that was not going to be the case.

An irritated and visibly sweating Spicer managed to answer questions from reporters for about 15 minutes regarding Jared Kushner’s role in the Russian probe, climate change, and fake news before abruptly closing down the press briefing and bolting from the room, which is becoming all too common an occurrence for him.

It was the fake news line of questioning in particular that really set him off, especially when asked to name a so-called “fake news” item, Spicer cited a tweet from a BBC reporter who claimed that Trump had disrespected the Italian prime minister during the G7 summit in Sicily. When pressed by the reporter, who noted that nowhere did the contents of the tweet appear in print, Spicer fired back, “It’s true. You did it. That is just fake,” moments before shutting down the briefing.

Likewise, Spicer didn’t handle an earlier question well when asked whether or not Trump has yet made a decision on the Paris climate accord, and if he even believes that human activity is contributing to the warming of the climate in the first place. “Honestly, I haven’t asked him,” Spicer responded. “I can get back to you on that.”

Once again, Spicer’s performance quickly became fodder on Twitter by those mocking this latest train wreck of a press briefing:

If there’s anything good to come out of this administration…