Sean Spicer On Trump’s Threat To Stop Holding Press Briefings: He’s ‘Dismayed’ By The ‘Gotcha’ Game

If the Washington Post‘s recently corrected story about Sean Spicer and his staff hiding in huddling near the bushes in the fallout of James Comey’s firing weren’t enough, the embattled press secretary had to contend with the matter yet again during Friday’s White House Press Briefing. This time, however, the Melissa McCarthy lookalike had to answer questions about Donald Trump’s latest tweet storm, in which the president threatened Comey and floated the idea of doing away with daily briefings altogether. Needless to say, Spicer’s frustration was palpable — especially when a reporter brought up the Twitter rant’s latter point.

“I think he’s a little dismayed, as well as a lot of people, that we come out here and try to do everything we can to provide you and the American people with what he’s doing on their behalf, what he’s doing to keep the nation safe, what he’s doing to grow jobs. And yet, we see time and time again and attempt to parse every little word, and make it more of a game of gotcha. As opposed to really [figuring] out what the policies are, why something’s being pursued or what the update is on this. That’s where I think there’s a lot of dismay, and I don’t think it’s something, just alone, the president feels.”

Despite the soapbox moment, the White House Press Corp members in attendance weren’t moved to refrain from asking Spicer anymore hard questions. Soon after he found himself bemoaning the “false narrative” about possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russia. And if that weren’t enough, Reuters’ Jeff Mason repeatedly pressed Spicer for comment on Trump’s prior threat against Comey regarding the possible existence of “tapes.” He refused to do so three times, which many observers interpreted as the White House refusing to deny the existence of recording equipment in the Oval Office.

(Via CNN)