A Secret Service Laptop With Trump Tower Floor Plans And Clinton Email Details Has Been Stolen In NYC

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Only a day after NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill lamented how Donald Trump’s proposed budget would “eradicate” federal funding at the NYPD (including all counterterrorism ops), a potentially major security incident is erupting. A laptop containing a wealth of Secret Service information — including Trump Tower floor plans and lingering data from Hillary Clinton’s private server emails — was stolen from an agent’s vehicle.

The New York Daily News reports that the computer and some “sensitive” documents were stolen on Thursday morning, and the search so far has been largely fruitless (other than recovering the laptop’s bag with a Secret Service insignia). Details are fairly scarce so far, but apparently, a suspect was seen taking an Uber through Bath Beach, Brooklyn when he snagged a laptop that was left in an agent’s driveway. Uh-oh:

The thief stepped out of a car, possibly an Uber, on a street in Bath Beach and stole the laptop from the agent’s vehicle, which was parked in the driveway of her home. He was then seen on video walking away from the scene with a backpack.

The agent reported the laptop contained floor plans for Trump Tower, evacuation protocols and information regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

ABC News reveals that the encrypted laptop contains a hard drive that can be remotely wiped if necessary. Well, considering how the machine has been missing for 24 hours already, it might be time to hit that button. Hopefully, more details will develop as this story unfolds.

(Via New York Daily News & ABC News)