Seth Meyers Reminds Viewers That Teenagers Are Going To Save Us All

Teenagers have always been confusing creatures, but they seem to be spread across an even broader spectrum these days. Sure, some of them are eating Tide pods in a neverending quest for Instagram likes, but others are actually gaining ground as forces for political change. Many of the students who survived the Parkland school shooting have become figureheads of the gun control movement, causing many to reevaluate how they view young people.

On Thursday night’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Meyers points out to viewers in a hilarious and damning skit that teenagers are doing the hard work so we don’t have to. With these teens making waves for causes you care about, it leaves you more time to “do what you love: drinking wine and looking at dog pictures on Instagram.” These kids are doing everything — including humiliate ineffectual senators on national television and call out complicit corporations — so you can do nothing!

Meyers is also quick to point out how his generation were the “slackers who watched Desert Storm on TV,” so perhaps we should give the latest generation a bit more credit. Whether or not you agree with their policies, it’s encouraging to see this kind of passion in a political arena.