‘The Election Is Over!’: Seth Meyers Lays Trump Out Over His False Voter Fraud Claims

Despite the fact that bipartisan election officials from all over the country determined there were “no credible allegations” of voter fraud, now-President Donald Trump can’t stop repeating his false campaign claim that at least 3 million people voted illegally. His press secretary, Sean Spicer, even suggested several “studies” had proven such voter fraud to be true during his Tuesday White House press briefing — but without any evidence these studies actually existed. So instead of repeating himself from past “Closer Look” segments, Late Night host Seth Meyers offered Trump a concise message on Tuesday night.

“The election is over and you’re the president,” the comedian cut to the chase. “So let me just say what dozens of women have already said to you: ‘Hey, let go of it!'”

Of course, despite the segment’s minute-and-a-half running time, Meyers had plenty more to say about the matter:

“You won the election. What are you complaining about? You’re like the guy who wins the Super Bowl and spends the post-game interview complaining about the pass interference call in the first quarter. Winners don’t complain about the final score. You know who does? Degenerate gamblers. But I guess if you knew anything about gamblers, your casinos would still be open.”

Whether or not Trump will actually heed Meyers’ advice remains to be seen. Then again, considering unconfirmed reports about the war room that is the current White House and the administration’s inability to handle internal criticism, the president will probably insist his claims are true as long as he has an audience.