The Winner Of Oprah’s Scholarship For Black Men Is Allegedly Very White

News broke recently that Shaun King, a key activist in the Black Lives Matter movement and the recipient of a scholarship designated only for black men, may have been lying about his past. Information surfaced that alleges to reveal that King has been been lying about his ethnicity,

The Daily Mail reports that the news of King’s alleged deception was originally uncovered by conservative sites, which revealed a birth certificate that lists King as white, as well as a police report that also identifies him as caucasian. While the police report could very well be wrong, King’s critics have a lot of questions for him about whether he is who he says he is. Especially considering that both of his parents are listed as white on his birth certificate. And that’s leading some to believe that he received a scholarship for minority students through deception.

While King has refused to answer questions about his ethnicity—allegedly going so far as to block detractors on social media—and gotten into a heated twitter fight with Montel Williams, who asked the embattled activist to just answer the question, he’s been very vocal about this matter on Twitter and Facebook, pointing out that he wouldn’t be where he is today without Oprah’s scholarship to Morehouse and that no one knows his whole life story. In addition, The Daily Mail reports that King has compared the hunt to discover his true race to the battle Obama faced when some conservatives demanded he show proof of American citizenship. If the allegations are true, however, this story may be very similar to that of Rachel Dolezal, a NAACP leader who was forced to resign when it was discovered that she had lied about her race.

On Wednesday, King tweeted that he hadn’t discussed his past because it’s “his life” and “his story,” he closed by saying he was going to continue working to end police brutality.

(Via The Daily Mail)